More Fireworks!

Last time, we celebrated the New Year by looking at fireworks in places we’ve visited together here on Art and Design 101. If you missed it, here’s the link: New Year Around the Art World

I promised some more fireworks, so here they are.

In our article about the five wildest mishaps in which people damaged artworks, we visited Las Vegas in the #1 accident. Did I Do That? Be sure to brush up on the article’s six ways to avoid your own mishap before your next trip to a museum!

Embed from Getty Images

We visited Los Angeles when we learned about major art collector and philanthropist Eli Broad. Who Was Eli Broad?

Photo by Los Angeles Drinks Guide

We had fun in the French Quarter of New Orleans when we looked at interesting portraits. 4 Memorable Portraits Beignet anyone?


Our next article took us to Abu Dhabi. Savior of the World, Controversy in the Art World Their New Year fireworks broke the record for the longest show, clocking in at 40 minutes.

Embed from Getty Images

We saw the eerie spider behind the Guggenheim in Bilbao. 5 Great Outdoor Artworks

Embed from Getty Images

And we found the #1 and #2 best outdoor sculptures in Chicago. 

Photo by Chicago Crusader staff

We also visited Paris, Atlanta, London, Miami … but it’s time to put the fireworks away and focus on our new year resolutions. Good luck!

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